5 Step To Creating A Good Essay On A Newspaper Article

If you feel that the essay on a newspaper article, which you need to write as soon as possible, is a real trial for your patience and physical abilities, check out some helpful information below.

How to Create a Good Essay

  • Read the task carefully. If you need to compose a good essay on a newspaper article, you need to know what is required from you. In most cases, it means that you need to do a literary analysis but you just need to be sure.
  • Determine your goal. Without knowing it for sure, you will hardly compose a good paper. Besides that, you need to make a thesis statement in the introduction to your project, and it should reflect your goals clearly.
  • Read the article carefully. If you have already read it, do it once again. When finished, return to the very beginning and start analyzing the article. What does it speak about? What was the author’s intention? Why did the author choose this topic? What could be done in another way? Which parts of the article could be rewritten? What is unclear and too difficult to understand for a common reader? Does the article need some more background material to explain its main topic correctly? Etc.
  • Take notes while reading and analyzing the article. These notes will help you compose an outline that will eventually guide you through the process of writing.
  • Compose an outline and a draft that is based on the outline. It’s not necessary to follow the plan precisely in case you are not told to make it a part of your project. If you need, you can correct the outline or the text in the process of writing.
  • Read the draft once again and see whether the things that you have written correlate with the things that are said in the article. If it’s possible, have the draft read by your friend, family member, or by your teacher. If everything’s correct, make a blank copy.

One More Useful Tip

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