Starving Artists

The Art career is one of the most challenging careers. It requires both dedication and a lot of sacrifices. Many of the people that venture in this industry are not after money or wealth but to fulfill their dreams of creating awareness to the people and volunteering knowledge. Many join the industry because they have a passion for writing or create works that will inseminate knowledge to the people and change the world. This is the main reason as to why many artists live in lifestyles that are inferior compared to other people in other careers. A starving artist is one that will deny him or herself the pleasure of spending money and living a real life just to invest in the artwork. They have a passion that they would rather cut their expenses and achieve their goals in the art industry.

Starving Artists Gala

This is a function that has been introduced in Chicago recently. It is in its third year now. It aims it to bring together the most prominent artists in the world. They give rewards to various categories of artists depending on their contributions in the Art industry. The Starving Artists Gala creates an excellent platform to acknowledge the artists that have done extraordinary things to see that the art industry grows with time. It recognizes artists that give their money so that others can get a chance to produce. The Gala also creates an excellent platform where the artists discuss the critical issues that face the industry globally. It focuses on the way they will be able to protect artists against exploitation and how they are going to overcome their greatest nightmare that is piracy and infringement of copyright.

Fighting Male Chauvinism

Well, this is not much of a problem in the current era. A lot is still being done to make sure that both sexes have equal rights in the market. It is no longer the time when female artists had to publish their work in male names for them to penetrate the market. This was a significant problem for the female artists and most of them died poor as their works failed to do well in the male dominated markets. The Starving Artists Gala provided a forum where artists discuss ways in which to sell their works and make the market a level field for all the players. I believe that this is a significant step towards attaining significant goals for all the artists on board. The gala also gives the artists chances challenge each other and hence grow.