The 13 Most Impressive Expository Essay Topics For College

An expository essay focuses on facts. The writer’s opinions are omitted from the paper because the idea is to get the write to investigate a subject and present an argument about it. It is a very effective paper for showing students how to make sure that they are adding evidence to support their claims instead of just making them. They are a good assessment tool at how well someone can take the evidence about a topic and use it to prove a point using only facts.

Choosing a topic for your essay is one of the hardest parts. That is mainly because most students struggle to decide on a topic. They may have thought of a few different options. But narrowing down a good subject takes a little more time and effort. Here are a few good ideas that you can read through to help you narrow down a topic that works well for you.

  • Discuss someone who you think should be a politician and why
  • Explain your admiration for a celebrity
  • Why is it so important for a teen when they get their license?
  • What was the best class that you took in college?
  • Where is the nicest place to visit and why?
  • Who is a good role model for you?
  • Where would you want to visit and why?
  • What are the effects of too much homework?
  • How can one relieve stress in their lives?
  • What are the advantages of working in a team?
  • Why music is so important in movies?
  • Why do people procrastinate?
  • Does punishment work with teens?

Once your have narrowed down your topic, you can start doing research to get an idea of what you want to include as evidence. Make sure that you only state facts and not your opinion. The best way to do this is to start writing down the facts and then find general topics to prove your case. An outline can really help you organize your ideas and focus your thoughts to make sure that you can prove your case. Make sure to develop your thesis which answers your research question. This is the key to your paper and will make sure that you show your reader understands why your answer is the right answer.

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