Counter Argument Essay Topics: 15 Intriguing Ideas For High School

The counter argument type of essay writing and the related challenges:

The essay writing of any type can be challenging. It is a difficult choice, particularly for the students in their earlier stages of academic writing. If they have good grasping power of taking the ideas, then there problems will get a lot easier and they will come with much mature topics in their future academic levels. It is true that some students are good gifted and they have the natural creative skills which helps them in crafting high quality papers with ease. But, it isn’t an excuse to come up with low quality papers if you are not god gifted in that sense. You can develop your writing skills if you have interest and willing to do the hard work. The counter argument types of essays are very interesting and you can do well in such papers just by showing some good research skills and the ability to produce some quality counter arguments against a certain argument. Your attempt should be logical and must make sense. The main issue that the students have in the counter argument type paper is with the selection of the topic. There are plenty of topic ideas if you have a good look around the web. Make use of the chances and come with some good topic idea at the start.

Top 15 intriguing counter topic ideas for high school students:

  1. Genetics is the main reason for weight gain.
  2. Humans are the wisest creation of god by far.
  3. There isn’t any major relationship between food, weight and exercise.
  4. Mickey Mouse is the most popular cartoon character so far.
  5. The plan meal diets don’t help in reducing weight.
  6. Playing and active children never have any health issues.
  7. June is the hottest month in the majority of the world.
  8. The rain hit areas have higher humidity levels everywhere.
  9. United States is the most civilized nation.
  10. Conservative is a status quo political party of US.
  11. Lion is the bravest of all the animals.
  12. Beach holiday is the best way to enjoy your summer vacation.
  13. AIDS is still the most lethal disease.
  14. There is no unfair thing when it comes to winning a war.
  15. The growth rate of China is the best in the world.

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