The Best 18 Best Persuasive Essay Topics On Bullying

As you already know, bullying is a very serious issue and you should treat it like such. Every time you see someone in a bad situation you want to interfere but you don’t even know how to do that. Well, a persuasive essay might help you and other people who encounter a situation like this. You need to convince them why this behavior is so dangerous and how can they stop it. Here are some interesting topics:

  1. The difference between bullying and teasing. Is it the same thing?
  2. Types of bullying. For sure, it’s not only physical abuse, but also verbal.
  3. Society’s view. Do you think that this is not getting enough attention?
  4. School rules. Discuss how more strict rules can make a difference.
  5. Psychological impact. What can happen to a kid that was in this situation before?
  6. Reasons. Find out why some teenagers do this.
  7. Domestic violence. Can this be a trigger for this kind of behavior?
  8. Discrimination. Do you think that this only happens to a certain category of people?
  9. Therapy. Say something about what methods of therapy can be used to help the victims.
  10. Real cases. If you know someone who experienced this, mention their case in your essay. This will impress everyone for sure.
  11. Punishments. In some countries, the law is very strict and people who do this to others can be put in jail or fined. If this is treated like a serious matter, then it will stop.
  12. The most frequent situations. Mention when this happens more often. Is it during school time, outside school?
  13. Social support. Individuals ignore the victim very often, especially if the victim is a child. What do you think about this?
  14. Teacher involvement. Discuss about some rules that teachers can apply to stop this from happening in school. Maybe you can apply them in your class also.
  15. The parents have the fault? Many of the bullies do not have a good education and the parents do not talk with them enough about how they should treat others.
  16. Are we creating a society of victims? Some people say that the more we handle this problem, the frequent it will be.
  17. Awareness campaigns. Present some of the most successful ones to your colleagues and analyze them.
  18. How can this affect a teenager on long term?