How To Compose A Great Descriptive Essay About A Dog: Tips For Dummies

So you need to write a descriptive essay and you don’t have a clue where to begin? Well, you are in luck! This short article will provide even the most novice of descriptive essayist with the essentials to write a pro descriptive essay. Let’s explore a descriptive essay about a dog to illustrate the points of the components of a good paper.

A paper like this is composed of an introduction, body and conclusion. You open up by introducing what you will be talking about in the rest of your paper. In the body you expand on the topic going into more detail. You wrap up what you talked about in the conclusion of your paper. Think of your descriptive dog essay as the body of a dog-literally. Any dog will do- I choose a golden retriever for this illustration.

  • Your introduction is like approaching your golden retriever to give him a pat on the head. You see your dog and you begin taking in what you are seeing. When your hand reaches your dog’s head, there are sensations which you then become aware of. Your introduction is just that, the initial concepts of how you would describe your experience. For example my introduction would describe without detail the main themes of my experience- how I felt, what I felt, and reactions by the dog the experience.

  • The body of the paper is the body of the golden retriever. What does it look like? How does it feel? Is his fur fluffy and course? Or gnarled and smelly? When you patted the dog on the head, what were the sensations that you had? Pick three things from the experiences that you identified in your introduction and expand on them by describing in detail. For example: Fido’s hair was a matted gritty mess. I could tell by the strong earthy smell that he had been rolling around in my new vegetable garden.

  • The body of the paper helps engage your audiences’ senses as they can imagine, from the rich description, exactly what you are writing about. The shape the dog takes on, depend on the depth of your description. Describe it with great detail!
  • The conclusion of your descriptive paper is like the wagging of the dog’s tail. You patted your golden retriever and he wags his tail. What were the details in between you placing your hand on his head and him wagging his tail? Summarize the experience and what you learned from the pat on the head.

A descriptive essay is a detailed exploration through the senses. Begin by telling about what you are going to write about (pat your dog on the head). Go into detail in the body of your paper of the sensations and imagery (run your fingers through the fur and describe it). Conclude by summarizing with a moral or findings from the details (you now need to go replant your garden). Wag your tail. You did a doggone good job on your descriptive paper!

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