Doctors Without Borders

Globally, numerous countries are found in the state of a war, where individuals live; suffer in a devastated condition because of lack of medical opportunities. The lack of medical opportunities is likely to be because the numerous disease and increase the death toll number within the countries. This is cruel fact, in which individuals are living and suffering in a bad condition which has been considered to be one of the critical divergence zones set hurdles for the arrival of assistance.

In 1971, some French doctors as well as journalist established to build an organization to provide international medical services for needy and poor individual as a humanitarian which is globally known as "Doctor without border". Their basic purpose is to help individuals in the world widely and gives high-quality medical services to needy individuals and brings awareness to stay healthy regardless of any biases or discrimination towards them. In order to protect their lives and provide them quality services, they establish a community which will do their best to provide services by sending professional teams to the affect locations to rebuild their communities in a better way.

The above overview shows that Doctor without Borders is an international medical assistance organization, there basic ground reason for building up this movement to see individuals equally without any discrimination towards them. There are 19 organizations involved in this movement in which different countries are working together such as Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Austria, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Greece, Denmark, United Kingdom, and the US.

These are the main countries which are involved and because of their success, Doctors without borders, later on opened their office in New York City in 1990, to collect funds. This office was also a mean to raise their funds to provide medical facilities and recruit their field staff as well as work with the UN and US government. Because of the huge success and tremendous work, the organization also received a Nobel Peace Prize in 1999.

Nowadays, Doctors without borders has got a grip in more than 65 countries to individuals whose endurance is endangered by violent behaviour because of political issues, less basic resources, outbreaks, exclusion from health care. Therefore, it can be said that, this organization has developed a mean of humanity towards people to come forward and give caring hands towards needy citizens who are suffering and need medical assistance to survive.

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