4 Great Suggestions On How To Write A Description Essay About Going To The Zoo

The zoo is a large place, so if you are going to write a descriptive paper about it you will need some tips. With this essay you will paint a picture with your words of the zoo and the animals. Do not just tell your audience about the place, but show your audience about it and its occupants. Follow these four great writing tips:

  • - Pick your zoo and then select a part of the venue-decide what zoo you are going to write about and if possible, go visit it. Then walk around and notice everything you see, smell, and hear. Use the note app on your phone to jot these down. Then pick a part of the place, a specific animal that you wish to describe. To try to describe the entire place would be too difficult and not be much of a success. Now you have your topic.
  • - Pay attention to your verbs, they are more important than adjectives and adverbs-your verbs carry more weight than your adjectives and adverbs. Watch your animal. For example with the elephant, your verbs might be: lumbers, trod, flips, extends, curls, places, steps, observes, stretches
  • - After the verb, the noun is second most important. Use strong and picturesque nouns for the ultimate results. Do not jump from description to description-if you are comparing the two types of elephants; do not skip back and forth to each feature. Take your name and fully detail your explanations and observations. The sentences should not make it appear as if you are running around outside of the elephant arena.
  • - Finish and finalize-finish the first draft and then begin to edit. You can get peer or professional help for editing. Look for things like grammar mistakes, tense errors, spelling boo-boos, structure issues, and incomplete thoughts. Also make sure that transitions are used as you move from paragraph to paragraph. Once the rough draft is prepped for the final-go ahead and write it.

The assigned descriptive paper on the zoo will be fun to write. Going there for research will also be fun. Use our handy guide to help you have success. And remember, pick the location and animal you want to feature, pay most attention to your verbs, do not jump from description to description, and finish and finalize carefully.

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