A Female Hero

The word hero is used to represent both genders, that is, female and male characters who have done something good or brave and many people admire them for this reason. More particularly, a woman hero is referred to as heroine since the word hero is significantly used in place of male characters. It is however not wrong to use the word hero in grouping both brave or good male and female.

To be crowned hero, one has to achieve something out of the ordinary in his or her field that calls for admiration of other people. In most cases, heroes are perceived as role models for both adults and children. Also, they are seen as significant assets of a country. In modem times, there has been an increase in the number of female heroes as women are more liberated nowadays unlike in the past where men were perceived as the best performers in almost everything.

Contributions of a female hero

Female heroes are known to be of significant contributions to the society politically, scientifically, literature and education wise, humanitarians and rights activists. In the past, women did not have vast legal rights and mainly lived by the customs of their societies. Their place in the society was to honour their husbands, tending to the children, cooking and taking care of the household chores. Dating back in the past, there are women who stood out in the society and undertook jobs or ventures that were risky and dared to defend their people or protect the human right and the environment.

Women are known to be in the forefronts in the protection of the social norms and values in the society. All women should be regarded as heroes as they help bring up children in a socially accepted manner. They tend to spend most of their time tendering to the family and children compared to the male counterparts. Today, women join the army that for many years have perceived as male occupation. They fight just like their male counterparts to defend their countries. Also, women of nowadays have succeeded in sports unlike in the past years.

Difficulties of a female hero

In many countries especially the developing countries, women have not been fully liberated. Women are still perceived as minors to their male counterparts. Their place is in the society is the kitchen and tendering to the family chores. They were not allowed to engage in activities and ventures that more risky or demanding. In most cases, women who engage in risky or activities that are perceived to be of male nature are stereotyped and stigmatised by the society.