5 Fundamental Suggestions On How To Write A Good Comparative Essay

Good comparative essays all have some common features that clearly separate them from the bad ones. No matter what your writing style may be, it’s a good idea to keep these suggestions in mind when you starting writing your assignment. Although there are several more steps involved in constructing a great paper, following these suggestions should increase your chances of earning a top grade:

Make Sure You Understand the Question

You should first analyze the question carefully and thoroughly to ensure you have a complete understanding of the two things you are asked to compare. Reading the prompt beforehand will also help your research go smoother, especially if you plan a research approach before reading up on your topic. If you have any questions about what you are expected to do, speak with your instructor. He or she will surely help clear-up any confusion.

Organize the Sequence of Your Paragraphs

Once you have defined what the two objects you are being asked to compare, you should decide what your approach will be in the body of your essay. There are several different ways to structure a great paper, but this kind of assignment generally uses one of three methods to help the reader follow your logic of comparison. Check a writing guide for suggestions or ask to see a few samples. Identifying the right method will help you create a great outline before getting started with your first draft.

Write a Compelling Intro and Conclusion

Your intro and conclusion for this type of assignment will be different than most. You should start your paper with simple and general point which establishes the similarities between your two subjects, then move onto a specific similarity which should be the focus of your paper. Your conclusion will give a brief general summary of your subjects’ most important similarities and differences. It should also synthesize your arguments leaving the reader thinking that all of the threads you have brought up in your paper have been tied together.

Make Sure Your Argument is Balance

When you write this kind of assignment it’s important that you keep things balanced. Don’t focus on just one subject or assume that one is more important than the other. Keep a balanced approach that generally allows for the same amount of sentences to discuss each subject evenly. If it comes down to it perhaps you should ask a friend to review your paper to ensure equal weight is given to each.

Revise, Proofread and Edit Your Content

The last fundamental suggestion actually involves three distinct steps: Revision, Proofreading, and Editing. Each step should be done separately so that you don’t overlook any part. When you revise, you should look for ways to improve your paper by reorganizing and re-imagining the entire work. Proofreading should involve thorough checking for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. And lastly, editing should look for ways to improve sentence construction and language.

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