Little-Known Ways To Make A Brilliant APA Title Page

As you prepare to submit your APA paper, one of the last things you write will be the first thing the committee sees: the title page. It has to be perfect. There are a few unknown ways to make it brilliant. Let us explain them to you.

Little-Known Ways to Make a Brilliant APA Title Page

  1. It’s all in the detail-make sure to follow your school and your department’s rules. T does not matter what standard you find online, if your school and department have a different set of guidelines.

  2. The traditional way to do it- there is a traditional format for this section of your project. You will need to use standard sized paper, which is 8.5” by 11”, and to have a one-inch margin on the sides, top, and bottom of the sheet.

  3. The font-the font will be a size twelve and will be very basic. If the school does not tell you which font to use, then use Arial or Times New Roman for your piece.

  4. The running header (also called the page header)- it will be at the top left portion of this page. It is written in all capital letters, it is not any longer than fifty characters, and it is essentially a shorter version of the paper’s title.

  5. Let’s talk about the title-this is where you can find the brilliance and the magic. Most of the other components on this section are standard. You need to use words and structure that will pull in your readers. A seldom-used trick is to have alliteration in the phrase. This is when the same sounds are repeated. You have to do this carefully so it does not sound like a nursery rhyme. It might read like this: The Shark Summer of 2015: the Standards were Broken and the Sharks were no Longer Shy. The “s” sound is evident in it. You want to create a draw or a pull for the audience reading the piece and those sitting on the argument committee.

  6. The set-up-everything will be centered and spaced so that the words are not too top heavy or bottom heavy. This will require an eagle eye and a few bits of adjustments. The college will dictate the actual things that go on a paper. You will definitely have the title, the running header, your name, your college, the and the date you expect to be awarded the degree.