The 10 Best Essay Topics For Middle School Students

As a middle school student there are many different prompts you can choose from, but most of them are contingent upon the type of essay you are writing. Therefore, the 10 best essay topics for middle school students will vary based on the assignment.

If you are asked to write an informative essay or an expository one you might consider these ten:

  1. 1.If you could give advice to anyone either living today or in history, who would it be and what advice would you give.
  2. 2..Explain how you can learn from disappointments.
  3. 3.Write about why your parents are important to you
  4. 4. Explain how you can dress for success in school and in appointments
  5. 5.Write about why it is important to be honest with your friends
  6. 6.Write about one invention which has changed your life and how
  7. 7.Write about how you have changed since you started middle school
  8. 8.Write about how you and your school could stop graffiti
  9. 9. Write about how playing on a school sports team is both good and bad
  10. 10.Write about your role model and why you admire them.

If you are asked to write a persuasive essay you might consider picking from the ten below:

  1. 1. A wealthy person wants to build a new facility for kids your age but does not know what to build. Write an essay explaining what would be most useful and why. It could be something like an art school or a theater or even a swimming pool or park.
  2. 2.Write about which celebrity would be the best guest speaker in your school.
  3. 3.Write about why girls and boys should have to play on separate school sports teams.
  4. 4.Write about whether you think television can have educational value or not.
  5. 5.Write a paper either supporting or not supporting why random locker checks would or would not benefit your school.
  6. 6.Write a paper convincing your principle why a dress code is not or is beneficial to students in your school.
  7. 7.Write about what person you think should be honored with a national holiday and write an essay addressed to congress with your thoughts.
  8. 8.Write a paper explaining what one school rule you would change if you were principle and why.
  9. 9.Write a paper explaining why school snacks should be healthier or not.
  10. 10.Write an essay about whether students need breaks every hour.