Looking For A Top-Quality Free Essay: General Advice

This article talks about good suggestions for students who want to use a free essay for their academic assignments.

  1. 1. Always make a list of your requirements prior to your research. You need to note down all the instructions by your professor while he or she delivers the lecture or explains how to write the essay. You should exchange this list with a friend to make sure you have noted down everything necessary. Also add your own ideas and suggestions for the paper so that it easy for you to narrow down your options and for the writer to follow your preferences. This list should include the length of the paper, the type of the assignment , academic level, word count, format, style, major arguments, topic areas, resources to use and other specifications for the assignment

  2. 2. Compare different options before you actually go ahead and choose one. You will come across plenty of virtual writing agencies on the internet, which offer services in your area and subject. You need to compare them in terms of quality, price, deadline, and revisions offered etc. You may also consider freelance writers, traditional writing agencies, professional writers in your area and your friends and peers to help you choose a good paper for yourself. When you are looking for a free example, then you can use the paid sources to check the portfolio samples and follow it as a guideline for your essay

  3. 3. Research the library to find the relevant help with your paper. This may sound obsolete to you but the library has all kinds of academic papers, guidebooks, journals, thesis and dissertations, formatting guidelines and essay examples written by professionals. You can ask the person in charge to help you find the right area for your paper. They can help you well because they are familiar with the each section and what it contains

  4. 4. Ask a senior in your university or an elder sibling to help you with the essay. They can give you good suggestions and even lend one of their own essay assignments to you if it relates to your subject. You can use this assignment to find notes, guidelines, outline, body paragraph arrangement and use of different hooks to make smooth transitions and engage the reader in the essay

  5. 5. Find your required samples by searching the internet. Make sure to read each paper before you actually decide to keep it. Whenever you download something from the internet you need to scan each file before downloading