Useful Instructions For Writing A 7-Page Argumentative Essay

When writing an essay, or dissertation, you must not begin thinking about what you need to achieve, such as it needing to be seven pages because this will slow you down, and you will worry that you cannot make it that long. Do your research and collect the important information. Arm yourself with enough facts that either argument, pro or con, will be sound and will flow.

This will help your essay, or dissertation, tenfold as well as well as your peace of mind. There needs not to be any fluff or words that are not needed in your work. These will merely bore the reader and prolong their agony further. You will want to entice and excite your reader. Don’t think of this as a term of homework but a term of self-discovery.

Freelance resources

It would be wise not to use freelance resources like these can be poorly put together, and you may be charged for using them. These will also be the sources first to come up when you search your topic on the internet, although they may appear professional, freelance writers may not be professionally qualified and have the experience. This homework will require only you.

Your argument

A thesis will help you in introducing your writing, as well as your topic, and need not be overly complicated. This essay will need to win over somebody to one side of the argument, as well as educated and entertain, so you will need to represent both and cover all aspects in a fair and non-biased way. Most arguments will have one hot part to it that will have people instantly squabbling over themselves to speak and be heard. Your homework this term must have that emotional response.

Draft your work, stick to the structure that you need to and re-evaluate when some time has passed later. Ask yourself,

  • Have I put all of the relevant information and responses in this?
  • Does this represent a balanced argument?
  • Is this properly punctuated and grammar correct, with paragraphs?
  • Have I remembered to sum up my thesis in the conclusion?

Perhaps if you do have enough notes left over, you could draft another paragraph from them. Extra work is always a way of impressing your tutors and gaining extra marks.

Using these instructions, you will be successful in having a complete work that is seven pages long.