The Top 10 Funny Process Essay Topics For High School

The process essay is a kind of fun writing assignment that requires students to give clear instructions or directions on how to do something. Students can get really creative with their ideas, as long as they put in the effort to make their essays easy to understand. The goal is to show someone who doesn’t know how to accomplish or achieve something be able to do so by just reading the process essay. Here are the Top 10 funny topics for you to write on:

  • - How to Win a Fight against the Biggest Kid in School: Do you think you have the perfect method for winning a fight against the big guy or girl? Does it involve a sucker punch or taking a good beating?

  • - How to Get a Prom Date in Less Than One Week: Prom dates aren’t always easy to get, especially when the prom is just around the corner and there aren’t as many people left to ask. So what’s your plan to avoid going stag? How does it work?

  • - How to Avoid Doing Any Physical Activity in Gym Class: There aren’t a whole lot of people who like gym class and will go to any lengths to avoid activity? What’s your plan for getting out of exercise? Can anyone do it?

  • - How to Fake Your Letter Grades to Your Parents: We all get that one grade we detest from time to time, so what can you say about how to fake it so that your parents don’t find out about it?

  • - How to Escape Detention without Anyone Noticing: Can you explain to a friend or classmate what your method of avoiding detention is? Do you sneak out the back way? Do you have someone take your place?

  • - How to Change the Clocks in Your Classroom to Get Out Early: We all know that annoying feeling of starting at the clock as it slowly creeps to the end of the hour. Why not show others how to get away with moving the clocks ahead so your instructor lets you out early?

  • - How to Fake an Absentee Excuse Letter like a Pro: The trick isn’t just to perfect your parents’ handwriting, but also knowing what to write to make your absentee excuse believable. Show others how to do this right?

  • - How to Trick the Substitute Teacher into Giving You No Homework: Don’t you get joy in convincing substitute teachers into letting you go without following your actual instructor’s protocol of assigning homework?

  • - How to Make Your Beater Car Look Great in One Week: It’s a fun thing to be able to drive when you’re in high school, but it can be even more fun if you can turn your beater car into something others would envy.

  • - How to Use Class-time for Sleep and Not Get Caught: Do you hide behind sunglasses or an upturned book on your desk? How can you get away with sleeping in class?