4 Places Where You Can Get Free Reflective Essay Samples

The main advantage of using online databases when writing your paper is that you can easily find a sample of the necessary paper type or citation style, build your paper on it and save yourself time and effort. However, there is so much unsuable content published online, that youhave to be extremely careful not to use a bad sample and get a dissatisfied teacher. So, first of all, here are a few things you have to look for in a reflective essay sample:

  • Make sure the paper not only describes the concept, but also evaluates the experience it has given the author.
  • The paper has to be specific and focus on one conept and its value.
  • A single methodics of evaluation and reflection shall be used throughout the whole paper (e.g. cause and effect).
  • An understandable conclusion shall be present, clearly stating how the conept contributed to the changes in physical/mental state of the writer.

These were the criteria to evaluate the samples you find. Now back to the list of place you may want to look.

  1. Your university database.
  2. This is not bery popular aming universities, but you can be lucky enough. Some of hte college website maintenance teams publish samples of written assignments for their students to know what is expected from them. This will be the perfect sample source, as you will know for sure it will satisfy your professor.

  3. Your college community.
  4. If you did not have any luck with an official sample from your university, try your fellow students. Your best bet is to contact the seniours that may have already been through what you are know and will be happy to help a friend in need. However, if you take the paper from someone like that, make sure to mot take any information from it, there is a high chance your professor has a good memory.

  5. How-to websites.
  6. If you search for the guidelines on writing your type of paper, you will most likely end-up on one of the websites that publish articles on how to writer this or that. Rummage through the articles for some time and you will be able to find one with a sample paper attached.

  7. Advertisiment.
  8. The last, but not the least important place will take the website that use sample papers to advertise their services, e.g. academic or writing assistance.

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