Picking Up Argumentative Essay Topics On School: Tips & Recommendations

An argumentative paper is the type of assignment where the student has to convince his audience of his ideas by building major arguments and supporting them with strong evidence. You should be able to create a strong case by giving valid evidence and facts to your readers. The audience will not agree with your ideas or be convinced of your approach if it is only based on your opinions. For example, when you are creating a paper about school, look at the following statements.

  1. I think students should be educated and follow strict rules about bullying on campus

  2. Every year 15% of students commit suicides or attempt to commit suicide due to bullying at school (hypothetical stat)

Which one of the above statement is more convincing? The first one where you are giving your opinion or the second one that contains a strong and clear fact about the problem.

It is evident from the example that you must have clear and strong facts related to the issue if you want to convince the audience of your ideas.

The other thing to remember is that an argument is unavoidable when you are supposed to write an argumentative paper. You should not avoid topics that welcome controversy or have the ability to outrage your readers. Even if you have to write something that would have a group disagree with you at school, you need to go ahead and write it. When you have strong evidence to prove your stance, there is no reason why you should avoid it. The purpose of an argumentative paper is to build controversy and debate.

When you have to write your paper about school, do not go ahead and try to copy others. You are already in a school and observe its environment. You have to make sure that you discuss a situation valid and relatable for your audience. You may take ideas from other sources but it is important that the situation is applicable to your own school. For example, if your school does not have a gym facility, you should compare others and write why your school should have it.

Example topics to consider for an argumentative essay on school

  1. Bullying on campus needs to have serious action against it
  2. Schools should not have uniforms
  3. Students taking part in sports should have some flexibility in academics