How to Write a Good Rogerian Essay: Fresh Ideas for Students

First of all if you have never heard the term “Rogerian” used before it basically means “to find neutral grounds”. When you are asked as a student to write a Rogerian style essay you are actually being asked to write an argumentative essay that presents both sides of an issues and then aspires to present a solution. This is a very unique style of essay writing and is not typically assigned. However, if you can write a fantastic rogerian paper then you must have excellent diplomatic skills!

Today, we are going to discuss a few steps to write a Rogerian essay and how you can approach this style of writing with more ease.

- Research Both Sides of The Issue Before Drawing Your Conclusions.

In order to write a Rogerian essay you will have to do research on both sides of the issue that you have decided to write about. While you are doing this try not to draw any strong conclusions and instead be open to both arguments. How you look at the information now will impact the solution that you eventually come up with. Consider the different perspectives involved and develop arguments that are in favour of both.

- Look For Any Similarities

Once you have a grasp on the involved debate try to see if there are any similarities in the arguments that both parties have. For instance they both “want what is best for their families” or they both “were acting under immense pressure”. By identifying these similarities you may be able to pinpoint a promising solution that you can present that may rectify the issue.

- Present Your Solution in A Diplomatic Way

Now that you have considered things carefully the last step is to provide a plausible way to resolve the issue. The best way to do this is by trying to find a compromise that appeals to both positions. If you can’t think of one try to offer an alternative that provides incentives for both. This part can be tricky, and remember there is no wrong way to go about, try to think of it as “what would you do if you got to decide how to resolve the debate”.

Rogerian writing is a special type of argumentative paper writing where both sides of a debate need to be defended. Mastering the skill of writing in the style can be challenging but doing so is great practice for developing problem solving skills.