Composing An Outstanding Synthesis Essay On Global Warming

The synthesis essay is a kind of persuasive paper where you provide a critical analysis and either defend, challenge or qualify a claim being made in a given text, graphic, image, etc. A very popular hot button issue in the past decade is global warming. No matter how you feel about the various topics you need to present your case using evidence from credible sources and make the case that your perspective on the issue is correct or at least noteworthy. Here are some tips for composing an outstanding synthesis essay on global warming:

Brainstorm several thesis ideas

Writing a paper on this subject can be a challenge because there are many things worth discussing. It’s a great idea to brainstorm a few topics and develop some draft thesis statements. Do some preliminary research to find some background information and get a sense for how many resources you will be able to get a hold of when composing your work.

Outline your main discussion points

Organize your notes by first making an outline of each of your discussion points along with all the supporting evidence you have collected. Consider how you plan to convey your information and what the reader should know before reading certain parts. Use your outline to guide you through your first draft.

Don’t simply adopt the arguments

In writing a synthesis paper you can’t simply adopt the arguments you find in your research; you should take that content and adapt it alongside some of your original ideas and assertions. Show how the evidence you do cite works with your original thoughts to prove your point. Mastering this skill will lead to higher grades.

Use both indirect and direct references

This is one of the biggest trouble spots for students writing this kind of assignment. Never settle for using too many direct quotations. It’s a good idea to vary your writing by including both summaries and paraphrases of information from your sources. Using both indirect and direct references should show just how skilled you are as a writer.

Revise the content of your paper

In order to present the best argument for or against your topic on global warming you should spend a significant amount of time revising the content. To revise means you must actively re-imagine your argument and look for ways to improve on it by rearranging content, removing content, and even adding content.

Proofread and edit your paper

The last stage in writing a great paper is proofreading and editing. Do this in two separate actions first editing each sentence for clarity. Use simple and direct English to get your ideas expressed in the most efficient way. Next, proofread the paper at three levels: the essay level, the paragraph level, and the sentence level.