Essay writing guides for inexperienced students

Inexperienced students are the most likely to fear any assignment that includes the words “writing assignment.” Even though most students have been given writing assignments in their middle and high school years, students are often guilty of neglecting their essay writing assignments and lessons because they care to learn to write. This leaves them with serious problems when they get to the collegiate level because so many assignments involve some type of essay writing. Students who consider themselves inexperienced at essay writing need more than just basic tutoring from their peers. Often getting extensive lessons by experts or ordering college essays for sale is needed.

Craft a Thesis

The best writing guides will include step-by-step instructions that will take students through the journey of writing essays. They will begin with steps that teach them how to craft a thesis and how important it is to work some of the assignment into the thesis. Then, the guide will show sample thesis statements along with the writing prompts that inspired them. Visit this site for more information.

Build an Outline

The next step in a writing guide should include some basic outlining instruction. Whether the outlining instruction includes traditional outlining with Roman numerals or with some other method, students need to learn how to group their ideas into clusters that will eventually become paragraphs.

Develop the Body of the Essay

Then, the writing guide needs to move into the body of the essay. Students usually are able to write at least one body paragraph because those skills were taught at a younger age. However, it never hurts to refresh their memories with talk of topic sentences and supporting details. Many students neglect including sufficient supporting details and explanations for those details, so writing guides can include examples that show how to support a topic sentence and how to include documented sources.

Include the Conclusion

It would be a shame to neglect the conclusion of the essay. This is a fun sport for writing guides to include information about wrapping up the essay in style. The most accessible type of conclusion takes the introduction and rewrites it in opposite order. Students can usually figure out paragraphs rather easily, but they will need to be reminded to use completely different words - like synonyms.