Basic Tips On How To Create A Thesis Statement For An Argumentative Essay

When writing an argumentative essay, you are supposed to take a stand on a certain issue. Your goals should be to persuade the audience of a particular stand. Avoid giving a summary of a description.


In the thesis, you should use a few sentences to state your argument on the topic before you can describe how you intend to prove the argument. The goal of the thesis is to make a particular statement to the reader on your argument. Your thesis should not be more than one paragraph. Avoid providing any evidence or even using examples in the thesis paragraph.

Aim of the thesis

The thesis is meant to:

  • Assist you determine the focus and even clarify ideas
  • Offer a hook where you can hang the topic sentence
  • Be revisable as you try to refine your argument and evidence. When you get new evidence, you may need to change your thesis
  • Offer a unified structure for the paper

How the thesis help the reader

The thesis will assist the reader in the following ways:

  • It serves as the map that the reader will follow through the paper
  • Enable the reader to stay focused on the argument
  • Directs the reader to the main points
  • Engage the reader in an argument

How to write a good thesis

There are several tips that you can use to write a good thesis for an argumentative essay. Here are a few of them.

  • Find focus. Be sure to select a thesis that will explore the key focus of the topic. Your thesis should highlight what you consider to be important. For instance, if the topic of your argumentative essay requires you to analyze the role of women in the domestic labor, you can choose to focus on products that were made by women.
  • Find pattern. Once you have determined the general focus, you should consider the evidence closely. When re-examining the evidence and identify the patterns, it is possible to come up with an argument as well as conclusions. For instance, you might discover that with the increase of industrialization, fewer textiles were made by women but they continued with their soap and butter making.

If the argumentative essay requires you to give an answer to a particular question, you can turn that question into an assertion before giving your opinion. When you follow these guidelines, it is possible to have a good thesis for your argumentative essay.

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