How To Write An Essay On Terrorism In The Middle East

You cannot read a newspaper or view any from of international news without seeing reports of terrorist acts from many places around the world. Terrorism is a scary thing, it really does what its name says. Living in fear that a bomb may explode from the trash can next to you or that you may be delivered a harmful substance in the mail can make for quick migration and sadly, this is a reality that many people all over the world must face, with no avenue for escape.

Writing a paper on this topic can be a bit gruesome, but also quite informative as you investigate to find out the reality of the situation in the Middle East, you may sometime find it hard to separate truth from propaganda. The following points will provide a basic outline of a route you can take when writing an essay on terrorism in the Middle East:

  1. Identify existing rebel groups and discuss their influences.
  2. Terrorists are hardly ever highly organized groups, instead they are often made up of small numbers of people from different belief sects. We may be familiar with the larger groups that have been glorified on most forms of news media however, there are several smaller rebel bands that also influence the world.

  3. State the targets of their terrorist acts.
  4. Most acts of terrorism are usually aimed at innocent civilians, possibly in the hope of scaring the masses to demand that the authorities give in to the demands of the terrorist groups, in hopes of living peacefully.

  5. What is being done to counter these rebels?
  6. It is much easier to prepare and plan for face to face combat against a known enemy and almost impossible to curb terrorist activities because you can never tell where to expect it to show up. Identify the measures that governments have used to try to deal with terrorists groups and analyze there effectiveness.

  7. Do their activities stay within the region of the Middle East?
  8. Which areas of the world are most affected by terrorist activities? Is this a case where we can turn a blind eye towards this act or do their actions have the power to affect countries outside of the Middle East? State instances where terrorism occurred outside of the Middle East and whether or not it was clear that these acts were carried out by groups from the Middle East.

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