What Are The Best Ways Of Achieving Effective Essay Writing Skills?

Essay writing is an extension of your intuitive and creative flair. It also encapsulates your ability to understand a topic in depth and analyze it to the core. You cannot trace the pearls by remaining on the surface. Can you!

Here are some of the effective qualities you require to pen a crisp and succinct piece –

  • Analyzing the topic – Whether you write a fictional, narrative, exploratory or discursive piece, you cannot do full justice to it without actually understanding the nuances and intricacies. When you get to the depth of things, you absorb them wholly and not in parts.

  • Gift of imagination – Here, you need to generate curiosity from the start to propel the readers to go through the piece at a go. It is hardly possible without utilizing your gift of imagination. Use it to the hilt.

  • Striking a balance – You cannot write with prejudice or bias. The write-up has to have poise, balance and neutrality. If at the end, you take a side; then that tendency has to be supported by logic and facts; not by your whims.

  • Sequential quality – You have to build up on the write-up through sequential progression. The bytes have to be enforced as you proceed so that slowly but surely, your authority on the subject emerges clearly.

  • Gift of present tense – Ideally, you should write these pieces in the present tense. This naturally allocates resonance and relevance to the topic. Even if you are writing about a historical period, you should make an attempt to write in the present.

  • Thorough research – You should be ready to carry Methodology and scour credible resources to find elaborate points for your piece. Otherwise, most of your claims will appear tall, far-fetched and opinionated. Research is the key.

  • Crisp and compact – You have to instill the habit of writing compact sentences, and by effect, compact paragraphs. Stay away from frills and flutes as far as possible. A point-perfect piece has a greater sting.

  • Objective enquiry – You should be able to view both sides objectively. You should also be able to synthesize the perspectives of different people with élan. Do not make the mistake of falling in love with your piece. You will invariably miss the plot.

Practice makes perfect

These are the major and emphatic qualities you should ingratiate to be an effective essay writer. Of course, with time and practice, these qualities become innate with you and don’t require any extra labor from your side. Be creative.

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