How Do I Write My 7th Grade Literature School Essay?

7th grade writing standards concentrate on the writing process as the principal tool to assist students become skilled and independent writers. At this stage, they are taught to write proficiently by helping them improve their knowledge and enhance their skills in composing logical and sensible writing compositions. This way, it becomes easier for them to work on various topics like literature.

Here are the essential phases in the 7th grade essay writing process:

  • Pre-writing Phase Students create ideas from many sources and they utilize organizational tools and schemes like outlines, technology, notes and graphic organizers. They prefer the type of writing which best fits the intended goal and afterwards come up with a plan for composing that focuses on ideas, directs purpose, main idea, audience and consistent sequence.
  • Drafting Phase. At this stage, students create drafts through grouping ideas, arranging them into paragraphs and combining paragraphs within bigger units of text. Papers consist of formal introductions, extensive supporting evidence and conclusions. All these aid in their awareness of their purpose and audience. Students infuse different language techniques to emphasize voice and assess language techniques of professional writers consisting of abstract as well as concrete word choices.
  • Revising Phase. Revisions are made through elaborating, omitting, blending and reorganizing text. The goals compose of enhancing consistency, progression and the coherent support of content and ideas.
  • Editing Phase. Editing the paper is essential to ensure appropriate word choice, standard usage and varied sentence structure. It is also important to proofread for capitalization, grammar, spelling and punctuation using word processor, reference materials and other resources.
  • Publishing Phase. Refining and publishing work with use of technology is typically in a structure suitable for the writer’s purpose and audience. Published papers utilize useful graphics when relevant and appropriate outline to improve the appearance of the paper.
  • The Use of Technology. Students are so fortunate these days as technology can fully support them when it comes to such aspects like developing, editing, revising and publishing their work. What is more, they can create documents with correct outline through the use of principles of design and word-processing skills such as page orientation, spacing, margins, columns and tabs. It is also easier for them to create simple spreadsheets and databases to efficiently prepare reports and properly manage data.

As you can see, seventh-graders need not have a hard time composing a written discourse about literature. At an early age, they can construct their own paper and be well-prepared for the future with the help of proper guidelines.