In Search Of Good Essay Introduction Examples: Helpful Guidelines

The introduction to your essay is important in the sense that it is through this that you will be able to provide an overview to the reader about what to expect from the paper. A good introduction prepares the reader for a very good experience, one which you should make sure you live up to. However, writing a terrible introduction will only make your work harder because no reader will even want to consider reading through the rest of your paper. This is how important it is for you to write a good introduction. When you consider all this, you can easily understand why so many students fail in their essays, especially when they do not write an introduction. Writing a terrible introduction is as bad a crime already; failing to write one altogether is the perfect recipe for failure, a mistake that you should never make.

Since you are looking for some of the best essay introduction examples, the following are some helpful guidelines that can give you an easier time with this, and hopefully if you take them seriously, you should be able to write a very good one of your own too.


The introduction has to be factual. This is something that you can never take for granted at all. Keeping the introduction factual gives your reader something to look forward to, and it challenges them intellectually.


Do not just load facts on the introduction without piecing them together with some useful and interesting lines. Make sure that you write an interesting introduction that flows and gets the attention of the reader. However, try not to overdo it.


The introduction to your paper needs to be relevant, especially to the topic that you are writing on. Keeping the introduction relevant is something that students have struggled with for a long time. Never forget that it should mirror what is expected of the topic, and any slight deviation will never work in your favor.

Background information

Provide a good background information to your topic as part of the introduction. This is something that you cannot fail to do. You cannot just start writing an introduction without telling the reader why you are doing it, what spurred you to set on this particular topic.

If you can focus on these, you can look through the examples that are available and see how they have managed to do the same.

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