How To Write A Good Problem Solution Essay On Obesity: Useful Advice

Obesity, much like Diabetes, is a lifestyle disease. It does not occur due to a single incidence; a rare misdemeanor or pandering to a vice. It merely takes stock in the body through storage of fat which starts homing around the cardiovascular area and the entire body in no general sequence. Your body becomes slow, lethargic; cumbersome and you get vulnerable towards heart and liver diseases.

Clarifying the problem

There is no doubt that obesity is a problem which requires solution, so direct your essay towards it. Think first of the causes of obesity; from fat-laden food to stress; from alcohol to poor metabolism. There are psychosomatic causes and effects of obesity and it takes a lot of toll on human body.

Delving into it

Now, proceed towards the symptoms through your essay. How you garner cellulite on thighs and biceps. How your movement becomes jarring and you find it tough to rise from sitting positions. How it affects your blood pressure and thus makes you testy. How it also begins to affect your hormonal balance and neural signals. Create a lucid and instructive pattern.

Extracting the solution

Your essay then ventures towards solution or treatment. How you require accelerating the rate of metabolism and also detoxifying and vitalizing your body. How following certain food regimen and avoiding rash and processed food helps. How certain exercises keeps stress at bay and also accords you better control of the body. The solution part of the essay should be liberating.

Going into streams

You should also impress on how obesity shatters your confidence and lessens your capacity whether in office or bed. How it makes you reserved and reclusive as you start feeling the pangs of how others feel about you. The small case of fat storage in the ungainly portions of your body corrodes the convolution of your brains and you fall prey.

Call for action

Emphasize through your essay why people should treat their obesity like scum and try to get rid of excess baggage in a systematic manner. Also, stress on the importance of natural remedies so that there are no side-effects or medication dependence. Obesity is a lifestyle disease and so should formidably be uprooted through lifestyle means.

The systematic outline

This is actually the way you tackle any problem solution essay. Get into the root of the problem and then denude it layer by layer. You should then constructively proceed towards an emphatic and redoubtable solution. That is the way to go!