Composing A Reflective Essay On Management: Quick Tips

During your college, you will have to write many essays, depending on the course and on the requirements of your professor. Even if some of them might seem difficult in the beginning, all it takes it’s a bit of practice to get used to writing. A reflective essay is not much different than any other that you wrote, except that it has some key elements that define it and that must be present in the content. These elements remain the same, regarding the topic, and management is one of the easies subjects that you can approach.

  • - First of all, make sure that you choose your topic wisely. When it comes to management, many students tend to pick what seems simple and clear. You will discover that this is not always the best choice, because a very simple essay will never bring you the maximum mark. Opt for topics that are not so common, that need a careful analysis and a lot of research. This will make you look professional and dedicated to study.
  • - Since a reflective essay is an analytical text, you must have solid knowledge about your topic. Every single detail matters, and without having all the ideas together you will not be able to analyze the matter successfully. For this, you have to make effective research, and the best way to do this is to discuss directly with a manager. He can give you an insight in management, explain how he is coordonating his team and what are the qualities that make him successful.
  • - Present the facts. When you write such a piece, you must count on facts, data, clear information and not assumptions. For example, when you discuss a management technique, make sure o bring references from books that support your statement. Your opinions are not necessary here, and it’s better to keep everything as objective as possible.
  • - The reflection is the evaluation of the facts that you presented before. This means that here you can analyze deeply the facts and evidences, and come to conclusions. For example, if you mentioned an upset employee, in the reflection you will mention why he was upset, how did he feel, what were the surrounding circumstances and so on. You can also mention what should happen in the future in order to overcome his problem, or how the manager should deal with this situation.

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