Good Advice To Help You Write A Descriptive Essay On Jealousy

What do you mean, descriptive?

To answer that question, just ask yourself what does the word describe mean… Have you ever had to describe to a friend what happened to another friend? Or, have you ever described the proceedings and minutiae of some sports event to a friend? Perhaps, you may have described a boy or girl for whom you may have recently developed infatuation or enamor to your confidants? Well, if you have ever done any of the above, then you have an operational understanding of what it means to describe something.

But, what is a descriptive essay?

Hmm, let's see. If you read the above part of this article, then you now know what it means to describe something, right? Now, let us come to a descriptive essay.

Think of a cherry blossom tree, on a cliff, against the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean in a picturesque location; imagine cool spring breeze blowing, and rattling the freshly bloomed pink blossoms of the cherry blossom tree. Imagine how the breeze plays gently with the blossoms almost sensually, and imagine the hint of smell of rain.

Do you see how easy it is do describe something? And when you describe something in writing, in the format of an essay that is what we call a descriptive essay.

What to remember while writing a descriptive essay?

In order to describe anything, you need to illustrate it via words. Details, details, details. Details are the key to allowing you to formulate the picture that you have observed or have in your own mind in the minds of the readers who read what you. You cannot make your reader smell that what you smelt, or see that you have seen, or listen to what you have heard.

In order to communicate – and that is the entire purpose of writing – with your readers, you need to show them what you have seen, share with them what you have experienced, with words, by describing them, in detail.

Granted, you need not be Hemingway to write a great description of something – Hemingway was Hemingway, there will be no Hemingway but Hemingway – you can still achieve a tremendous success in your endeavor via details.

For instance, take the following to ways to describe a pretty woman: First: My god, she is pretty! Second: Her sylphlike waist was a sight that he could no longer not know existed. The prospect of wrapping his arm around her, in a warm embrace filled him up with joy such that God himself envied him.

Which one do you think the readers will be more impressed with?

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