Looking For A Perfect Editorial Essay Example Online

With an editorial essay, the student is expected to give their opinion about a topic. Unlike many academic papers, an editorial essay is actually fairly useful in the real world. This style of writing is commonly found in the opinion section of a newspaper. It is also used by journals, magazines, blogs and websites. To get a high score on this essay style, students must be able to think of an opinion and develop a strong argument to support it.

How an Editorial Essay Works

This type of paper will have one thesis that unifies the whole paper. This thesis should span one or two sentences and should state the author's belief. Once the student has created a thesis, they must figure out several different points that support their statement. These points will be the topic of the subsequent paragraphs of the paper. Each point should build on the previous paragraph so that the paper has an organized flow.

Find an Example

There are several different locations that offer free essays online. The easiest way to find this type of writing is to type “editorial essay examples” into the search bar. Within the first page or two of results, students will be able to locate the example that they need. Students can also check out academic websites, custom writing services, academic databases and scholarly journals for more examples.

Choosing a Topic

Once a student has found an example, they will be able to figure out how the writing style works. Before they can start writing, the student will have to choose a topic. If the teacher did not specify a topic in class, the student will have to think of an original topic. For ideas, students can use the following list of topics to help them brainstorm a thesis.

  1. What was the real cause of the Civil War? If both sides were given the same number of soldiers, would the Union have won the war?
  2. Should the United States and coalition forces have entered a war in Afghanistan and Iraq?
  3. Does recycling have a positive effect on the environment? Are there environmental costs to recycling?
  4. Should companies be required to offer union membership to their employees?
  5. In the last 100 years, there have been two world wars. Is society becoming more violent over time?
  6. Do people become addicted based on their genetics or their environment?
  7. Should the death penalty be ended as a legal form of punishment?

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