Choosing An Outstanding Essay Topic On Hamlet

Hamlet is a classic tragedy written by William Shakespeare and is easily the play with the most shades. The Bard, in a sense, was an initiator of grey shades and while Brutus and Macbeth stake their claims; Hamlet smoothly ranks as a prince even here.

A schematic topic

You can easily squirt out a rosary of deep essay topics from the play. However, the one that would fascinate readers most would be his complicated relation with his mother. The topic may read as ‘Write on Gertrude through the eyes of Hamlet’

  • Now, the story goes that Hamlet’s father was the king of Denmark and was poisoned in his ears by his brother Claudius who later on married the king’s wife Gertrude. Thus, Hamlet’s uncle becomes his step-dad and life goes on well till Hamlet’s father’s ghost arises to tell the grown-up Hamlet the truth.
  • The twist here is that although not directly involved, Gertrude never had the slightest qualms in marrying Claudius. It was almost like she rather fancied Claudius. This revelation makes Hamlet despondent and he starts behaving like a madman to spill the beans later on. Unfortunately, the denouement is rather cruel, with every main characters dying.
  • The denigration of Gertrude in Hamlet’s eyes make him think of women in poor light; and he even begins avoiding his own love interest Ophelia. If you go deep; there is even a sexual implication between Hamlet and Gertrude; as the former is strikingly handsome and the latter is rather unscrupulous.
  • Shakespeare was brilliant in his portrayal of women characters; Gertrude, Lady Macbeth and Portia are just a few examples. With Gertrude, he has woven so many shades that it is hard to paint her in one color. All these striations make her indecisive as she sees both her son and husband die in the final scene of the play.
  • You can also dig into rather pedestrian friends that Hamlet has in the days when people laid enough stock on nobility. This shows that even in his childhood, Hamlet became a sort of a rebel; even though he didn’t know about his actual father’s death. This shows that he may not have been reared with the best of care and intentions.

Whatever you write, make sure that the essay does justice to the brilliant play. When you drink wine from an old cellar; you should not tamper with it by diluting it. Be thoughtful.